13 thoughts on “Matthew 28:20

  1. theancients says:

    A promise especially worth remembering when we ‘feel’ as though He’s not always with us or worse yet, when we ‘feel’ He’s so very far away. But yes, He’s always with us. A great reminder!

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  2. Hi Rae!

    You may like Acts 17, parts of verses 27 and 28 –

    “………though He is not far from each one of us; for in Him we live and move and have our being……..” (Orthodox Version)

    Peace to all,


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  3. That’s a beautiful sentiment, Sara! I appreciate you sharing. I wish I could put in words how much the Lord has done for me. But I wouldn’t know where to begin. So all I can do is try to share that same feeling with as many people as I can. I’m so glad you have the Lord in your life! May He continue to bless you and your loved ones (:

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  4. Thank you, I just added the Bible Verse. The Cross Background was created by Billy Alexander. Glad you like it! Blessings, *Rae


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