9 thoughts on “James 1:12

  1. The Enigma puts it this way: I love you, I’ll kill you… But I’ll love you forever.

    I call it the Zombie Promise and lady, you’re a Zombie, a daughter of God, a Bridget (as you put it).

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  2. Some people see trials as a punishment. I have always understood it as spiritual exercise, just meant to strengthen part of your walk that is a little flabby. And what a reward. Thanks for the reminder. John

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  3. It’s funny, but I find myself thinking about this a lot lately. Not the verse, as I’ve been rather angry at God… that’s another story all to itself… but the lesson in it. Perseverance isn’t easy, but I’m starting to accept that’s the point. To put it crudely, it sucks balls. But, nobody said faith was sanitized.

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