7 thoughts on “True Happiness

  1. Hi Rae!

    I believe there are several ways to achieve ‘true happiness’, which I consider to be contentment, in a positive way. I consider that my second wife and I were contented with each other and our lives together. I considered her as my soul-mate and best friend, and I think she felt the same way about me.

    Epicurus has been misrepresented and had this to say about attaining a contented life:

    1) free yourself from a tyrannical employer and don’t drive yourself too hard if you are self-employed;

    2) simplify your life as far as possible, setting realistic goals that can be attained without misdeeds;

    3) keep in regular contact with good and trustworthy friends;

    4) reflect on the good things that have happened in your life and do not dwell on the bad.

    He left out a lot that we might add, like having a pet and being married to someone who loves you for what you are, not what they hoped you might become, and lots more…..

    Peace and love to all,

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