13 thoughts on “Jeremiah 29:11

  1. Dear Rae,

    Thanks for checking out my blog and liking my latest article. That really encouraged me, I haven’t been online (due to severe laziness and walking away from faith in my Lord Jesus Christ) for 9 months.

    Sorry if you already know this (please forgive me) but I wanted to share something with you before I go. I just want to make sure you are saved spiritually. If you are, smile at me and say a prayer from your heart for me to be maintained with saving faith in Christ. If you’re saved already I’m sure our merciful God will just bless you more.

    Why am I doing this? After the demonic attacks I’ve been under for the past few weeks, I no longer assume anyone is ok spiritually. I can’t bear for anyone to go through what I’ve been through, I want all to be safe. So I double check on people even if I think they’re far wiser and more beautiful inwardly I could ever be. Better safe than sorry.

    Anyway, here is the little article I wanted you to read. It’s quite short, should only take a few minutes:


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  2. I got saved officially at a very young age but spent a time doing everything except God’s will. Recently I got “resaved” which was more for me. Making a commitment to really start living for Jesus. Thank you, I appreciate the comments and will check out the article (:

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  3. Daniel Peterson says:

    Is he the one that it was written, the Lord saying, “Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee and ordained thee a prophet to the nations?” I like Jeremiah.

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  4. This verse from Jeremiah speaks so powerfully about our God. In His vastness and amidst all He has created, He has made a personal plan for each one of us. What an awesome God we serve!

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  5. Hey, Rae! I love that verse! Pretty way of posting it! ❤
    Btw… I have nominated you for the TMI Tag that our Lovely Anita of Discovering Your Happiness created and tagged me in. Please don’t feel obligated to participate, but if you do, please do in your timing. I just wanted to share in a little light hearted fun. Me and God love you!
    Here is the link to your nomination below.

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