8 thoughts on “Colossians 3:23

  1. This verse has helped me through grey days at university and in general it has made me more willing to do every task I have just because I am doing it for My Father rather than any man on this earth. It is so encouraging that God delights in the little things as well as the big things we do.

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    Whatever you do….even if doing dishes….cooking, whatever….give it your best because if people don’t notice or appreciate , God always does. I remember the days of solitude I spent in the bathrooms at Hyles-Anderson. I was so lonely….most people would do that job for a week or two (they didn’t like to do dirty work) then quit. Hyles-Anderson was full of wise people on staff. They noticed that I did well on the bathrooms. I kept doing it for two years….prob. the best bathroom cleaner in the world….or close to it! I should write a post on how to properly clean a toilet or something. Most people don’t notice the little things….like the space behind the toilet or the pipes under the sink.

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