The Struggle

The hardest part about being a comedian is coming up with material that activates those big laughs without offending the self-righteous and religious.

I’m amazed at the vulgar content of some of these so-called comedians. They get up on stage with their fancy shoes and smug teeth. And they make unnecessary jokes about sex and drugs and social equality.

And it blows my high.

Cuz I like comedians with substance. Who use that substance before getting on stage.

Seriously, there is an art to comedic crudeness. And comedians with the skill to strategically place vulgarity in their act are ones I actively seek to learn from.

As a Christian, I believe there is something Divine about being able to come down from one’s pedestal and relate to people on a human level.

Like Jesus did.

And keeping true to my faith is everything. I know for a fact my success in stand-up depends on the Lord for 2 reasons:

  1. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Which is a pretty big deal.
  2. They say Jews run show business, so it doesn’t hurt to have one on the team.

So I try to stay synced up with the Holy Spirit and Scripture. But it’s not always easy.

The Bible says by following Jesus we will be made “fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19)

I wish there was an ETA on how long between the following part and the catching of mens part.

Cuz I’m still single af. No mens in this net, yet.


15 thoughts on “The Struggle

  1. Who is your target audience? In my area of rural West Virginia many of the things that get laugh would be lost on an urban audience. Like the true story about a Dobsonfly finding it’s way up the pant leg of an older coworker.

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  2. dw says:

    I appreciate what you are saying about comedy that isn’t just trash; or is so sanitized it’s not real. A hard balance to find. I love the comedic twist at the end of your post!

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  3. I guess I don’t see how cussing makes something funnier. I mean, I hear it and I don’t laugh harder. Folk might be relieved in fact to enjoy what’s funny about life without profanity added in. You’ve got a great vision!

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  4. Could you name some comedians you like? I think Robin Williams was an ongoing fountain of laughs, but it was possibly an escape from pain. Charlie Rose tried to interview him with the greatest seriousness, exploring the depths of deep thinking. It didn’t work, Williams had him laughing throughout the program.

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  5. I actually have an ongoing list of comedians i enjoy bc I like lists and comedians lol. Katt Williams, Darren Knight, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac, Monique, Jim Carrey, Darren Knight, Kevin Hart. But my all time favorite comedian has got to be Mr. Katt Williams.


  6. E says:

    I completely agree about preferring comedians with substance. Raunchy toilet humor doesn’t do it for me or my husband but it’s hard to find smart comedy. Do you have links to any of your stand up? What a fun challenge! I have two friends from college who got into comedy. Go you!


  7. Amen to kind of language that some comedians use. I like Katt Williams, and all the one you listed; I like Steve Harvey, and the late Bernie Mac.
    Stay true to your faith, keep casting your net. God will fill it to full and overflow, your reward will be your faithfulness! Blessings to you my sister!

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  8. Jenny., john crist is a comedian i like! I’ve only seen a few vids but i. like. his. stuff. He’s like the religious version of Darren Knight (Southern Momma)

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