14 thoughts on “Jesus Came to Reveal God’s Love

  1. rebornicity says:

    Did Jesus not also come to reveal God’s righteousness? Consider Matthew 23, for example. As for Christian leaders, the Bible is quite clear that they should not a) be using religious titles b) lord it over people but that they c) should have been servants, the least of all. In failure to do so, they have made themselves irrelevant long ago, except to those following mere religion. Back to God’s love: Love is Righteousness is Love. Inseparable.

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  2. I’d beg to differ on this quote. Christ admonished the apostles: ‘Freely ye have RECEIVED, freely give.’ While the concept of the quote sounds nice, what one does not have cannot benefit others. Jesus, Himself, had to have the Spirit of the Lord so that He COULD… (Luke 4:18 & 19).

    If a ministry is reduced to the ability of man, and has not the supernatural ability of God, it may yield sympathy, but it will yield no deliverance.

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  3. Interesting quote… I believe the church should be a city on a hill and a lamp on a lamp stand meaning that it’s position should be central to the society and yet we’re to be in this world but not of this world. Christian leaders (or all Christians) will often hold different standards and opinions of those around them and yet should be very relevant in the way they speak, dress, act and show the answers that this world is seeking.

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  4. God is love. The letters of John teach us this. Love, then, is the standard and the purpose. In the gospel of John, we are told that love is why God sent Jesus to the world. The love of God is so great that the hope is that the whole world might be saved. It might not happen that way, but that’s what God would prefer. So much so we were gifted with Jesus.

    The quotation by Nouwen is so apt. The entire book is about Christian leadership and is a good and relevant read. Vulnerability in spiritual leadership is vital. How else can a leader be open to those led? This is what the religious leaders in the earthly days of Jesus did not have. They fortified themselves in power and wealth–(also) gifts from God, exploited.

    Terrific post, Rae. Thank you!

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  5. I would look at it like this;Jesus came in human form, to experience how us humans feel. Hebrews 4:15 talks of Him being tempted in every way,yet without sin.Therefore He is able to empathize with humans.

    He triumphed over sin.He had to offer His sinless body for our justification.A Christian leader has to depend on the power of the Holy Ghost,just like Jesus was baptised in the Holy Ghost.Afterwards that’s when we see Him being led of the Holy Ghost, into the wilderness to to be tempted of the devil.

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  6. controversialchristian1 says:

    Jesus came to be crucified by a world that still does not comprehend true forgiveness, selfless love, selfless sacrifice and being a servant of others. Organised religion is full of leaders and powerful men, who look and sound little different from powerful men in secular politics and business. Jesus came along without any worldly power or worldly authority and so shook up the powers that be, that they bumped Him off. Words are indeed powerful things, and words of truth are the most powerful of all.

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  7. God is love and most of us has forgotten that. But when God gave is only begotten son to save the world. He showed us the extent at which he loves us. Never forget that a genuine giving is prompted by Love and that is exactly what he did.


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