5 WordPress Cheats for People Too Busy to Blog

macbook laptopWhen I first started blogging, I thought the most successful bloggers were the ones who had the most time to dedicate to their blog. This simply isn’t true. The best bloggers know how to make the most of their limited time. Through research and experience, I’ve found a few blogging “cheats” that have made my life as a blogger easier.

1. Use Data Analytics to Your Advantage

  • WordPress has tons of analytical functions. You can see what day and time you receive the most visitors. Why is this important? Because if most people are viewing your stuff at 11am on Tuesday, don’t post at 9p on Saturday.
  • Content is like fruit. You want to give it to your followers when it is fresh. Plus newly posted content gets bumped to the top on the WordPress reader.
  • You can also see the geographical location of your followers. If most of your followers are from the United States, then things like “Individualism and Freedom” will be better received than if your followers were primarily from China or North Korea.

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I guess that makes sense, Target.

Yes, I still have my panties in a bunch over this. I’ve already written a post on Target’s mission statement and Target’s lack of propriety. But after getting my daily dose of what’s going on in the world, I have reason to be even more agitated.

Wildmon (President of American Family Assocation) asked the following question in regards to why Target switched up their policies:

“[W]hat precipitated this? Was there a clamoring of men in women’s dresses who were upset because they wanted to use the women’s dressing area? They said they were responding to their customers.”

Target’s mouthpieces were unable to explain exactly why they even chose to change the bathroom policy in the first place. There was no incident that forced Target to change things up. It was intentional.

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The Tissue Test, O Rly?

I admire well-implemented marketing strategies. Nothing turns me on more than seeing companies know and appeal to their target market. I love it.

  • Sexy = a company that sees what we want and makes a product to meet that want.
  • Not Sexy = a company that makes a product, then tries to convince us it’s what we want- or worse, what we need.

“Technically” both are effective methods of marketing a product. But one solves a problem. The other creates a problem, then solves that made-up problem.

Solving made-up problems isn’t sexy, it’s sleazy.
No better than the proverbial used car salesman.

Crest’s Tissue Test is really something.

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