Jesus has my heart, so I speak from my heart. Typing truth with faith like Ruth.

Then some come along and say, “Christians speak one way.” They call out my hypocrisy, the internet Pharisees.

Cuz I can’t be Christian,

I can’t love Christ,

If my language has some spice.

Check out MEphipany, I don’t give a shit. My relationship with Him is still legit.

You don’t like my tone, so you throwing your stones. Since when was your judgemental ass on the Throne?

I’ll clean up my act as He urges me to. But last I checked, He’s my God and not you.

There’s poverty, suffering, and death in the hordes. Yet you’re spending your time condemning my words?

Let’s play a game called, “Prioritize.”

Before you come for my speck, get the plank out your eyes.



Shades of Gray

We laugh, smile, pretend it’s okay.

Like my trust you didn’t betray.

You text, “I care,” to my dismay,

I want to believe your display,

The gentle care bear you portray.

“Just for one night,” you ask to stay.

“I know you, though,” so I delay.

“Past is past, I’m different today.”

You come on soft, I start to sway.

Next thing I know, you’re on the way.

And I’m a feminine cliché,

Living my life in shades of gray.