Acorns: Investment App Review

I’ve been looking for a way to start investing without sacrificing large sums of money. When I say “large,” I mean large for a single mother… So anything over $50 is large lol.

While checking my financial status using, I found a recommendation to try the Acorns App. It was free to download.

Based on my status and investing tolerance (since I’m young-ish, I can be more aggressive), Acorns made a portfolio that includes Google, Apple, Microsoft, General Electric Company, Johnson and Johnson, and others.

And it costs only $5 a month. There are also options for $10, $20, or above if you’re ballin’ like that. Plus you get bonuses for referring others.

I *highly* recommend anyone interested in investing to look into it. You can see all the goods before committing any money.

I’m also interested in hearing your thoughts and approaches to investing.

Please share in the comments below!




Due to the craziness of the start of Fall Semester, I missed my appointment with the psychiatrist.

As a result, I didn’t have a prescription waiting for me after I went through the last battle.

Note: I thought I typed bottle but during the re-read, I see I put battle. That’s even better.

I am going to get that appointment and prescription taken care of this week, though. I know I need to be on medication, because I get to the point where I can’t even stand being around my own emotionally unstable ass. >.<

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