1 Corinthians 14:7

music notes and 1 corinthians 14:7

photo credit: proksa


How I Cope

These past two weeks, I’ve been in an episode. For those unfamiliar with the term, an “episode” is when depression-prone individuals fall into a temporary bout of darkness.
I’m finally clawing my way back out. And let me just say, this last episode was something severe. Anyway, the Lord saw me through it. As use.

Now that I’m a bit more clear-headed, I want to share some of the activities that are helping me out of this pit of pity and hopelessness:

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Love is a Game

Love is a game and one of chance.

Play by the rules and win romance.

First roll the dice, and then advance.

You may get lucky or just a dance.


Love is a gamble and kind of a bitch.

With playing, cheating, and tryna get rich.

Motives matter when looking to hitch.

Some hearts soar to false heights and land in a ditch.


Love is erratic, no tales are the same.

Some bask in pleasure, others wallow in pain.

With love, you can embrace or abstain.

Whatever approach, love is a game.