The Struggle

The hardest part about being a comedian is coming up with material that activates those big laughs without offending the self-righteous and religious.

I’m amazed at the vulgar content of some of these so-called comedians. They get up on stage with their fancy shoes and smug teeth. And they make unnecessary jokes about sex and drugs and social equality.

And it blows my high.

Cuz I like comedians with substance. Who use that substance before getting on stage.

Seriously, there is an art to comedic crudeness. And comedians with the skill to strategically place vulgarity in their act are ones I actively seek to learn from.

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Recovery Road

So you guys know I’m a recovering addict.

And I have been using my faith and comedy as positive forces to keep me on the straight and sober.

But it’s hard for 2 reasons:

  1. Addiction is as common in my family as brown hair.
  2. I work in client support.

Sometimes I’ll be on the phone with an unecessarily difficult client, thinking…

Hmm. I should start using again.

Then I remember I’m saved. 0:)

And broke.