Don’t Laugh, But I Want to Be a Comedian

What up, blog fam!

It’s been a good minute since ya girl posted more than 2 sentences of content. My apologies. But recently I’ve found my calling. What I believe to be a Divine Purpose, if you will.

Don’t laugh- but I want to be a comedian. A Christian comedian.

Like a cross between Katt Williams and Joyce Meyer. How dope would that be!

Luckily, this means I’ll be blogging more. Unluckily, that means you’ll be exposed to more corny puns than ever before…



mother kissing child

Being a single mother and co-parenting with your child’s father presents its own unique set of challenges. Single parents have to consider things coupled parents do not. Like, “Which parent will my child spend Christmas with?” Or, “Can I increase child support due to inflation?” But nothing prepared me for what happened the other day…

So my daughter’s father lives a few hours away. When he wants to spend time with her, he drives to my house to pick her up. My daughter is a clever piece of pie. She knows that when the doorbell rings, it’s time to visit Daddy.

Baby Daddy had just dropped my daughter off with me and would be picking her up the next week. She and I were watching TV together that evening. It was getting close to dinner time, so I went into the kitchen to get my baby and I something to eat.

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Valentine’s Day Plan

I wonder if diseases get together and talk about humans. If they did, it’d be like…

Diabetes addresses the audience of pestilence, “Damn it! These humans are extremely resistant. Despite our combined efforts they continue to live and multiply! I need some fresh ideas now- Flu! What do you have for me?”

Flu responds, “What if we made this season’s flu vaccine 90% ineffective?”

Then Gonorrhea adds, “If Flu’s plan doesn’t work, Chlamydia and I have an idea for Valentine’s Day…”


Overweight and Sassy

I wanted to post something but didn’t know what to blog about. So I did the rational thing and watched TV while browsing Pinterest. Cuz nothing inspires quite like procrastination. #liesitellmyself

With shows like, “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” and, “She’s in Charge,” and, “Mama June from Not to Hot,” I wonder where the hell was I when being overweight and sassy resulted in TV shows?! 😛