2 Ps of Parenting

There are two schools of thought when it comes to motherhood. We can choose to either be the b*tch or the best friend. I aim to be an appropriate combination of the two. I want to be firm, but fair- and a little fun. Like Albus Dumbledore. Unfortunately, I’m more McGonagall.

This gets magnified when my baby and I are around her grandparents or great grandparents. 

So me and my daughter’s family were all at a restaurant last night.

Me, being firm but fair and a little fun: Here’s the kid’s menu and two crayons. Want to color Mommy a picture? 😀

My Daughter: Yeah! *Colors*

Then she drops one of the two crayons. Me, not wanting to deny my belly fruit the luxury of two crayons, bends over and picks up the crayon and hands it to her.

Me: Here you go, you cute little piece of pie. 🙂

Meanwhile her grandfather is just enjoying her company. It’s a great time.

Then my little Crumbsnatcher drops the crayon again. But it’s a special occasion and maintaining relationships are more important than enforcing arbitrary rules.

So I go for the happy medium.

Me: Uh-oh! I’ll get the crayon for you one more time, but don’t drop it again or else it stays on the floor. 

She’s at the age where she’s conscious of things. She has a basic idea of right and wrong. And she knows my voice tones. There are 3 levels based on the severity of my baby’s behavior

  1. Misdemeanor Responses: “Strudelcake, what did Mommy say about that?”
  2. Warning Responses: Do it one more time, little girl. One. More. Time.
  3. Felony Responses: “Oh, hell no!”

In general, the severity of my daughter’s actions are inversely proportional to the number of words used in response.

She deliberately dropped the crayon for a third time.

Me: Well, I guess you just gonna color with one crayon then. Better think of some orange things because green is gone. :/ 

Then she dramatically reaches towards the floor for the green crayon. Tugging on her grandfather’s heart strings.

Now, my baby is a master manipulator. She’s so cute and she knows how to work it.

Sidenote: Any other mothers think your kid(s) deliberately try you in public just to see how much they can get away with? Sometimes I think my daughter is an evil toddler genuis.

So her grandfather picks up the crayon and she just beams. I feel terrible like, “What kind of mother am I? Punishing this innocent child for making a mistake. I need to lighten up.” 😦

Then she does it a forth time and her dad takes the crayons like, “No more of that.”

He saw it all and intervened. Then I look at my daughter like, “See I knew your sneaky ass was full aware! I *knew* it.”

Little does she know, I’m gonna be sticking to the 2Ps: Prayer and Punishment.

Can’t afford to second-guess myself when I have a daughter that can apparently sense weakness >.<

Kids push you to your limits of faith and sanity. #parenthood



Reality Check, Mah Ninja

My cultural identity has evolved over the years. Growing up biracial in the South, I didn’t know whether to listen to Skynyrd or Pac. (So I chose both)

Being submerged in two distinct Southern cultures saturated with Christian teachings has its advantages and disadvantages.

Disadvantage: Making decisions without feeling ostracized by your peers who are, for all intents and purposes, walking stereotypes.

Example: When dealing with escalated confrontation from another party do I kick they ass? Bless their heart? Or turn the other cheek?

Advantage: Realizing you get the best of all worlds.

Example: When dealing with escalated confrontation from another party, I use a progressive strike system. Turn the other cheek, bless their heart, then kick they ass.

Yeah… Jesus puts in overtime with me. #workinprogress

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20 Must Study Bible Study Topics


20 Must Study Bible Study Topics

Last year, I took Joyce Meyer’s #3030challenge. I studied the Bible daily for 30 minutes then posted what I learned. I’d like to go back and share some of the topics that were particularly eye-opening. I hope you find them helpful!

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No Inspiration Here, Just Ordinary.

Last week my summer classes started. I’m on the final stretch of my business degree. I’ll tell you what. Life never goes as we want it to. Does it?

I pictured by now that I’d have my degree in finance. Be working my way up some corporate ladder and making boocoo money.

Certainly didn’t plan on having a kid.

But I can’t complain.

The Lord has been good to me and my adorable illegitimate baby. And I do say, “illegitimate,” as a term of endearment. Sometimes I call her my little Nugget. Or little Stinker. She got so many nicknames.

Anyway, back to God’s goodness. And He is good.

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Love, Lace, and Lock-Ins

I never expected to outgrow the shame and insecurity developed during my tween and teen years. A shame that had latched on to me like an insatiable tick- sucking any ounce of self-assurance that dared to manifest.

The only happy childhood memories I have are of pageants. My mother dressing me up in bows and lace. And memories of her taking me to Church. Especially when she permitted to sleep over at the youth lock-ins.

Soon after that, though, things weren’t so good.

I don’t want to bore you with a tired ol’ tale of growing up in poverty. Residing in a singlewide, being fed on food stamps, playing with donated toys, and wondering why my mother couldn’t do any better than 2 minimum wage jobs.

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YouTube Insights

You learn a lot about yourself when you see what type of videos show up on your YouTube account. For me, it’s mostly BabyFirst TV and Darren Knight (Southern Momma). #motherhood

I’ve learned that I’m a lazy parent who loves crude comedy and Southern stereotypes.

On some real, though…

BabyFirst TV is friggin’ awesome! Both the television and the YouTube channel. They offer programming my daughter finds absolutely mesmerizing. I don’t know what sorcery that is, but it’s super convenient when Momma needs the little Stinker to sit still for awhile.

Speaking of good things to watch, check out this brief video!

You’re welcome. 😉


Parent Catchphrases

If my parenting style could be described in one word, that word would be, “no.”

I’m a Christian so there’s a whole box of “no,” right there. I’m also a first time Momma and a single parent so… “nope.”

For the longest my baby girl probably thought my name was, “no.” But I didn’t realize how bad I was until one of my daughter’s first words was, “no.” Smh.

Sometimes I switch it up with tried and true parenting catch phrases:

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