30/30 Challenge: Day 24

women's devotional bible #3030challenge

I’ll go around telling anyone and everyone we’re beautiful just the way God made us. And every morning before it’s time to venture out in the world, I’ll spend a good hour in the mirror.

Lord, your work is great and I’m beautiful as I am. Thank you! But I’m just going to do a bit of highlighting here. And contouring there. Give myself some cheekbones, shrink the nose. Color the eyelids. Line the lips. A generous amount of powder and a dash of bronzer. And I can’t forget the mascara!

Some days I feel like I’m wearing hypocrisy as an accessory.

I’ve studied what the Bible has to say on beauty and confidence, and still I can’t even imagine going out into public without at least some gloss and ‘scara.

That really has me thinking.

Saying, “God made me beautiful as I am,” while ‘touching up’ on His work, I wonder if He gets insulted? Like how Leonardo da Vinci would feel if I decided to throw some lipstick and bronzer on his Mona Lisa.

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