I Hate Valentine’s Day

crayons and a sheet of paper with the words i hate valentine's day

I hate Valentine’s Day. Becuase you know #bittersinglewoman #hater
I’m basically the Grinch of Valentine’s Day.

Lemme explain, Dr. Seuss style.

Everyone on Facebook liked Valentine’s Day a lot.
Except Rae, the Real as the Streets blogger, who did not.

Scrolling through images from her tablet with a frown,
At the filtered romantic pics with likes all around.

“Valentine’s Day is sickening,” Rae thought with a scowl,
“Chocolate, roses, candles, and romance. It sucks something foul!”

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Love is a Game

Love is a game and one of chance.
Play by the rules and win romance.
First roll the dice, and then advance.
You may get lucky or just a dance.

Love is a gamble and kind of a bitch.
With playing, cheating, and tryna get rich.
Motives matter when looking to hitch.
Some hearts soar to false heights and land in a ditch.

Love is erratic, no tales are the same.
Some bask in pleasure, others wallow in pain.
With love, you can embrace or abstain.
Whatever approach, love is a game.


Bittersweet Tea Memories

I used to spend summers at my grandmother’s. She would let me work at her company. We’d get up early, grab a Chik-fil-a chicken biscuit, and head into the office.

I worked in the IT department. Alongside an industrious stoic man named Lu Kim. He did much but said little. I was the opposite. We brought out the best in each other, though. Despite our drastically different demeanors, at our core we were very much the same.

Lovers of tradition. With deeply rooted appreciation of simple elegant rituals. Like courtship and tea. Foreign concepts in a society characterized by instant gratification.

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