I Hate Valentine’s Day

crayons and a sheet of paper with the words i hate valentine's day

I hate Valentine’s Day. Becuase you know #bittersinglewoman #hater
I’m basically the Grinch of Valentine’s Day.

Lemme explain, Dr. Seuss style.

Everyone on Facebook liked Valentine’s Day a lot.
Except Rae, the Real as the Streets blogger, who did not.

Scrolling through images from her tablet with a frown,
At the filtered romantic pics with likes all around.

“Valentine’s Day is sickening,” Rae thought with a scowl,
“Chocolate, roses, candles, and romance. It sucks something foul!”

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Valentine’s Day Plan

I wonder if diseases get together and talk about humans. If they did, it’d be like…

Diabetes addresses the audience of pestilence, “Damn it! These humans are extremely resistant. Despite our combined efforts they continue to live and multiply! I need some fresh ideas now- Flu! What do you have for me?”

Flu responds, “What if we made this season’s flu vaccine 90% ineffective?”

Then Gonorrhea adds, “If Flu’s plan doesn’t work, Chlamydia and I have an idea for Valentine’s Day…”