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Rae is a testimony to that good news. And I applaud her vulnerability and nakedness before God.” – TheUngodlyWoman

“The wisdom is so refreshing! Looking forward to reading more.” – Rishaep

“A beautiful honest style that touches the heart and makes a person go hmmm as they ponder!” – Jules

Such good writing because it’s real!!” – Sara McKeefer

This is going to be a very interesting blog to follow!!!!!!” – Tobe Damit

“Gifted with a special way to relate Him to many people who can’t understand the Bible just yet. That is a real blessing.” Emmalmore

“Enjoyed reading! Writing is humorous and from the heart.” Kautz, Roberta

“Oh!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this!!” – M.K. Aneal

“Great blog. I don’t see many blogs on here that talk about God.” – FofoFl’or

Touches people’s lives.” – Pete Gardner

“Spoke volumes to my heart!!!” – Butterflyprincess2016

“Very refreshing.” LydiaA1614

Good grasp on the scriptures, and wisdom that exceeds age… No bullshit, that’s a unique quality.” – Paulj

“I love the blog and the honesty. Keep writing for Jesus!” – Zoe

“I love the honesty. Encourages those of us who feel discouraged and down.” – Naomi

“Real” is exactly what I’d call this! I love the tone! Refreshing to see.” – Prettyflyforawhitemon

“Amazing words and knowledge.” – Heavenssound146

“Amazing!! So encouraging to see people in my generation pursuing their faith so deeply.” – Poetinaworldofprose

“Two thumbs up for the honesty.” – Benjamin Raji

“I need to follow this blog, it’s an inspiration and meets me where I am.” – Hanna S.

“Blend of humor and honesty.” – 2btrue

Really touched my heart with this… It gives me faith to keep going, too!” – Cinnamon4789

“Candor and insight.” – Dr. J

“Please give this young lady’s blog site a few of your moments, if you are a Christian you may well like her material.” – Oldpoet56

“Very encouraging.” – Leila Grandemange

Gives hope to those who may be caught up in hopelessness.”  – Stillwhisper8

“Love this.” – Prettygirlcreationsll

“Inspiring writing.” – Dueyvan

Super powerful and honest.” – Andi Garcia

“Has a great way with words, I’m enjoying the blog so far.” – Ceponatio

I SOOO needed to read this.” – MizFortunate

“Delicious and addictive.” – Berni

“Very honest and open. I love that.” – J.J. Sylvester

I hope to write this clearly and honestly.” – Will Carson

“Good on so many levels, and so clearly and concisely written.” – Contraversialchristian1

“I like how it reflects closely on the world today!!” – Sayl

An awesome example of how to spread the Gospel “naturally.”” – AR

“Powerful and so honest.” – Tanisha

“I look forward to reading more.” – Themompit

“Raw and honest.” – Transformergirl

“Refreshingly authentic!” – Janet Boxx

“Love this! Totally following!” – HopeisPuttingFaithtoWork

Insights that encourage and inspire.Clcouch123

“Heartbreaking and poignant.” – Crookedroadfaith

“Beautiful! Well written.” – Ezi2015

“Fucking outstanding blog.” – Learnseonowblog

“Fun to read.” – Sasha Ghosn

“Rays of hope. Lovely ❤” – Thoughttrails365

“Powerful testimony.” – Delon Vaz

I was immediately drawn to Rae’s blog because she is graphically and sometimes painfully honest.” – Contraversialchristian1

“Awesome and encouraging.” – Soulsista4christ

“How encouraging! Especially in this era where many are touting their own wisdom.” – Passionisatlarge

“This is good stuff! We are not alone in this walk!” – Thisislakesha

“I love the writing style.” – Lisa Evola

Nice! Short, specific, and still a blessing to read ☺️👍” – Dursey (DJ)

“Such an inspiration!” – Kristianw84

Kick *&^ bravery, LOVE IT…” – Rob

“The honesty is refreshing.” – Nfelkel

“I took away something that will help me with what I’m going through right now.” – Biolajinadu

I am not very religious but the insight here is right on… Good stuff!” – Realifeusblog

“Transparent authenticity.” – Kittiephoenixromans08

“A very lovely blog.” – Boho Ndongo

Wow, I am blown away. The writing transparent and heartfelt.” – Susan Ream

“Absolutely beautiful in a melancholic tone.” – Leeksspeaks

“Very inspiring!” – Writethoughtsweb

“Love this!” – TaVon

“Great blog.” – Lightfromthehill

Incredibly powerful. Almost brought me to tears.” – Rob

“This is brilliant!!” – Lindsay M Davis

“An inspiration.” – Smoke Onthewater

“Often a source of encouragement for me!” – FullLifeWord

“Inspiring 😊” – Lindsay Fleming

“This is inspirational.” – Nocturnalmomtalks

“Just awesome!” – Wally Fry

Vulnerable and real.” – Braddahr

“Looking forward to future posts! ❤” – The Dizzy Duet

“This is just awesome. And so on point.” – Arbevmo

“Good perspective.” – Ubiquitous Sense

Relevant ideas in an engaging manner.” – 1pursuit

“I can feel the pain seeping through the screen.” – CurryNcode

It’s refreshing to find a Christian who’s so open about the difficulties they face and the bouts of doubt that try (as if they could) to quench our faith and still be so open to still run to God.” – Thekepthub

“The words here are honest, genuine and felt deeply.” – Kevingdrendel